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You Need the Internet like Whitney Houston Needs Crack

You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t true. Whitney Houston’s crack addiction which was reported by the credible National Enquirer in 2006 is certainly old news. This was when Whitney’s sister lovingly sent in photographs of a crack-cocaine and paraphernalia litted bathroom. Sorry to mislead you, this post isn’t about her in the slightest. […]

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A Dose of Validation

Independent film-maker Hugh Newman makes you smile with a dose of kindness. His new film “Validation” is an instant classic in my book. If you have 16 minutes, check it out. A Funny, heart-warming, uniquely quirky love story that won’t leave you disappointed. Thanks, Billy

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If you were the boss, which team would you hire?

I received this witty chain mail just now that was rather funny. It examines the candidates educational backgrounds and tosses it in the air for you to decide. I did some fact checking on and it appears to check-out. If You were The Boss… which team would you hire? With America facing historic debt, […]

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Your Daily Sarah Palin Related Post

Have 30 seconds? This humorous, slightly exploitative piece is well worth the mention and definitely worth the watch. From BoingBoing Sim says: Here’s my latest video remix, this time of America’s latest sweetheart/demagogue.

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