Archive | April 16, 2008

John Mellencamp Needs Help Naming Albums

John, that’s “Cougar” to you, Mellencamp is due out with his 23rd album on July the 15th. Title of record? Life, Death, Love and Freedom. Considering his last release was entitled Freedom Road and rode a brown water wave off the ham hock Chevy truck mega hit “Our Country,” I would have to say that […]

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Death to INFADELS!!!!

I was getting a burrito yesterday when two fat, obnoxious Jr. High age girls rode up on their beach cruisers, and while deliberating for 5 minutes on what to get (after going up to the counter and making the guy wait), talked about how they are pissed because their parents want them to pay half […]

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California Ready to Start Executing Again

Now that the US Supreme Court has ruled to uphold the use of lethal injections as a form of capital punishment, the state of California is chomping at the bit to off some of its more undesirable residents. California hasn’t killed anyone since January 2006 when it sent 76-year-old triple murderer Clarence Allen down the […]

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Protest the Hero Live @ Ryan’s

As part of our continuing series of interviews and acoustic sessions filmed live at Synthesis Weekly Managing Editor Ryan Prado’s apartment above the historic Senator Theater in scenic Downtown Chico, we caught up with crazy Canadian Rody Walker, frontman for Protest the Hero and sat him down for a rather humorous song, above, and interview […]

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Set Your Goals “Echoes” Video

I don’t know if this is indicative of all their songs, but after checking out the “Echoes” video, Set Your Goals is okay in my book. I usually don’t listen to this sort of thing, because I don’t wear eyeliner, but I do like the fact that the band isn’t afraid to be pop-y. They […]

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Somebody Still Loves You Debbie Gibson

It’s always a bit amusing when pop stars of our distant past rear their heads up once again, this time with an air of tabloid/morning talk show hype. Debbie Gibson (or Deborah, as she now calls herself) is probably thankful she still has any fans at all. Still, this did not halt her from filing […]

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